200TPD F55 High Fructose Corn Syrup Production

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1. Double-part ejection and liquefaction technology
2. Twice reverse flow decoloration technology
3. Twice Ion Exchange column
4. Cost saving
5. Low contamination, up to national pol

The high fructose corn syrup production line is designed according to basic principle of the technology, the property of materials and index requirement of clients, making reasonable flow chart, reliable equipments, easy operation, steady finished and semi-finished products. The syrup processing line is power saving, up to national standard of G/T20883-2007, meeting clients’requirements.

The high fructose corn syrup production line adopts defatted corn flour with starch from liquefied enzyme, β-amylase, debranching enzyme, and degraded defatted flour to produce maltose syrup through liquefaction, saccharification, decoloration, IX, concentration and blending. The design also includes public auxiliary facilities.

Features of the plant:

1) It uses double-part ejection and liquefaction technology with high temperature liquifying enzyme to separately control the temperature and efficiently deactivate enzyme.

The starch is fully liquified and protein is completely degenerated without recovery. DE is controlled within 10-17%, high yield of starch;

2) Vacuum flashing is adopted to separate starch and residue at a high temperature. Little starch is left in the residue , the protein is degenerated to a large amount of flocculation. Over 90% of the protein and fat are separated from maltose liquid.

3) Twice reverse flow decoloration technology keeps a long time absorption of protein, fat, ash and organic impurities. It guarantees good color and long shelf period by utmost reducing affection of protein and fat to sugar.

4) Twice Ion Exchange column completely removes ash to increase maltose boiling temperature, reducing color change.

5) Waste heat, vapor, IX water, condensed water are all recircled, which is cost saving.

6) Nearly no waste water is discharged. Low contamination, low cost of environment treatment, up to national policy.

Products index:
Malt syrup,concentration 70-75%, dry weight material takes up over 55%;yield:≥102.0%
Wet Protein:dry basis protein 35%-50%(30-50 mesh),yield:3.0-5.0%

: 200tpd  Electric load: 500Kv.A,220V、380V、50Hz


1) It uses double-part ejection and liquefaction technology with high temperature liquifying enzyme to separately control the temperature and efficiently deactivate enzyme. 

The starch is fully liquified and protein is completely degenerated without recovery. DE is controlled within 10-17%, high yield of starch;

2) Vacuum flashing is adopted to separate starch and residue at a high temperature. Little starch is left in the residue , the protein is degenerated to a large amount of flocculation. Over 90% of the protein and fat are separated from maltose liquid.

3) Twice reverse flow decoloration technology keeps a long time absorption of protein, fat, ash and organic impurities. It guarantees good color and long shelf period by utmost reducing affection of protein and fat to sugar.

4) Twice Ion Exchange column completely removes ash to increase maltose boiling temperature, reducing color change.

5) Waste heat, vapor, IX water, condensed water are all recircled, which is cost saving. 

6) Nearly no waste water is discharged. Low contamination, low cost of environment treatment, up to national policy.

flow chart of high fructose corn syrup production

Products index:
Malt syrup,concentration 70-75%, dry weight material takes up over 55%;yield:≥102.0%
Wet Protein:dry basis protein 35%-50%(30-50 mesh),yield:3.0-5.0%

1.Party B is responsible for design,installation, training,trial run.
2.Party B provides 3 guarantees for 1 year,making sure timely maintenance in 48h( 30 days abroad).
3.Timely communication with Party A about technical proposal,and put it into effect after approval.
4.Party B carry out construction according to national regulation,accepting supervising of Party A.


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